Monday , September 27 2021

After leaving … What did Cartier do with Ahley in 21 games?

Frenchman Patrice Cartieron, the club's technical manager, was officially closed after the club's board decided to reject Patrice Carteron and coach Michael Lindman.

The Council also decided to appoint Sayed Abdel Hafiz as acting ball manager and Mohamed Youssef as the interim technical director of the first team until the contract with the technical director and crew of the new team for the first team was completed.

Frenchman Patrice Cartier, Al Ahli's technical director, is just around the corner from the coronation of his second African princess after winning the title of the Conegian team Mazamet in 2015, but the 48-year-old loses his first title with Achilles and then releases the Arab championship of the sixteenth draw with Al Wasl Team of the UAE in order for each team to lose their second titles.

Cartieron took on Al Ahley last summer after Hosim al-Badri resigned for poor performance in the African Champions League.

The Tunisian crowned champion of the African Champions League for the third time in his history after winning Al Ahley four goals to three as a result of both games back and forth.

Al-Ahlli, who won 3-1 and did not offer what made them support the floods from Tunisia against Mohammed al-Shenawu, who shook the net of Saad Bakir and goal Anis al-Badry in minutes 45, 54 and 84.

Al-Vessl managed to drive Al-Ala out of the Arab League with a positive 2: 2 draw in Alexandria and then a tie in the UAE 1-1.

And four foreign coaches took the training of Achilles after leaving Portugal Manuel Jose failed to win the African Champions League title for various reasons to fail to finish the championship and go out early or leave before participating in continental championship, while the Egyptians managed to win the title twice after the departure of the Portuguese Khawaja, the first in 2012, led by Hosam Al Badri, and the second in 2013, led by Mohamed Jusuf.

Cartier's account in the African Champions League

Cartieron led the team in 10 games from Africa, won 7 and gathered one against Tunisia and lost two games to ES Setif before defeating the Tunisian champions and the reds scored 19 goals in their tournament, allowing 10 goals.

Cartier's profile in the local league

At the level of the local league, Cartieron led the Ashley team in six games because most matches postponed to the African championship, won 3 games and ended with 2 games and lost a match against the Alexandria Union, scored 9 goals, scored 5 goals, .

Cateron's account in the Arab Championship

Cartieron led Al Ahli's team in three Arab Championship matches, which drew 3 games and won in a match, scoring seven goals by allowing eight goals.

Cartier account in the Cup of Egypt

Cartieron led Al Ahli's team in a match in the Egyptian Cup against Tarsana in the role of the 32nd and won three goals to two goals to qualify for the role of the 16 and prepare to meet the pyramids.

21 matches for Cartieron with Achilles

The total number of Cartier matches that took 21 technical games won 12 times in a victory, while in 6 confrontations he lost 3 matches and scored the red team under his 38 goals and shook the red net with the French coach with 21 goals in different local tournaments and African and Arabs.

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