Wednesday , May 18 2022

Ahli begins her African career with 'Short Scales'


Al-Ahly Club's first football team to begin its career in the opening of the African Champions League against South Sudan in the first round of the 64th African Champions League to be held today at 19:00 on the pitch at Borg El Arab Stadium in Alexandria. Although hosted by the Sudanese team, officials have chosen to play the two confrontations in Egypt.

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Despite the ease of confrontation, theoretically, for the players and their assistants, football always comes back to the lack of constants and we always come with many surprises, which works for a thousand accounts, Martin Lasarti, Ahli's technical director, his players, owners The African matches, where all the confrontations throughout the history of the Red Fort, proved that thousands of accounts are being worked on for all teams they face in both foreign and local tournaments. The training saw Lasart remember to remind his players of some offensive sentences to perform during the confrontation, and focus on fixed balls from different angles, making magical decisions to reach the opponent's window, and the presence of more than excellent a player in the team roster who can hit the net by firing or fixed balls, or the group was led by Ali Maalul, Ahmad Fatty, Hamdi Fatty and Ramadan Sobhi, who excelled in recent training.

Competition in the line of defense has taken place since the emergence of Mahmoud Metwali at an excellent level in recent training and his quest to maintain a key place among the team, as well as the emergence of Rami Rabiya on a consistent level, with them the duo Ayman Ashraf and Yasser Ibrahim. The main exercise the team did before traveling to Alexandria yesterday was to see the duo of Walid Suleiman and Geraldo rehab to relieve them of the pain from the injury that had prevented them from participating with the team over the days. Martin Lasarti gave a lecture to his players after the end of the main training session, during which he asked them to strive to take advantage of all the opportunities available to them, not just to hit the net several times and to aim turn the confrontation to the Festival of Goals and avoid repeating the mistakes of the past season in the loss of easy opportunities before the goal. Al Ali is expected to face the formation of a group consisting of Mohammed El Shenoui, Mohammed Hani, Rami Rabiyah, Mahmoud Metwali, Ali Maul, Amr El Sulayea, Deyan, Hami Fati, Saleh Juma, Ramadan Sobro and Walid Azzhi. For his part, Maurice Michael, CTO of the team, informed him: "Despite the history and experience of the players, it will not be easy to catch up in the confrontation, as we have many exceptional players who can do well." ,

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