Monday , October 3 2022

Algeria is preparing to get "official and popular" for the stars of the national team



Algeria is about to get it



Algeria is preparing to get the mission of the football team today, the day after the African Cup of Nations for the second time in its history, defeating Senegal 1-0 in the final of the tournament, organized by Egypt.

According to a government source, the Algerian airplane will arrive at Huiari Boumedeni Airport at 16:00 in Moscow time and at Mecca and will receive official and popular reception.

He explained that it is planned to hold an "official lunch" for all members of the mission led by coach Gamal Belmadi at the International Conference Center in the western part of the capital Algeria.

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Effective message to performer

The source did not specify whether interim President Abdelkader Ben Saleh would attend lunch, although he attended a stadium in Cairo during the final match.

Algerian Radio reported that "a special bus is equipped to travel around the city's streets," which witnessed big celebrations until dawn today.

The desert soldiers defeated Tarragona Black with a goal of the striker Baghdad bunga in the second minute of the Cairo International Stage final, and the Greens won the continental title for the second time in their history.

Source: "AFP"

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