Monday , September 26 2022

Apple's users are moving away from the iPhone for Samsung


Apple iPhone owners have fallen to their lowest level since 2011, which has a positive impact on Samsung, according to a new study.

According to the study conducted by BankMyCell, the iPhone detention rate has dropped by 15% compared to March last year.

Several iPhone owners change their old phones with a new iPhone.

BankMyCell, which lets you sell your phone and build on a new phone, collects data from more than 38,000 people who switched their phones from October 2018 to track Apple's loyalty during the upgrade cycle .

BankMyCell said Samsung's loyalty is higher, with 26% of people using the iPhone X switching to another brand.

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While only 7.7% of Galaxy S9 users switched to the iPhone, while 92.3% of Android users used Android phones.

The survey found that 18% of the people who replaced in June 2019 moved from Apple phones to Samsung phones.

Using data from other companies to complete BankMyCell's findings, he said: iPhone's loyalty is at its lowest level since 2011, reaching 73%, compared to the highest level of 92% in 2017.

Earlier on Wednesday, Kantar's market research firm reported that iOS devices contributed 36% of US phone sales for the quarter ended June 2019.

Data fell 2.4% over the same quarter last year, while sales of Android phones rose 2.5% to 61% of total sales.

Gartner, a market research firm, reported that phone shipments are experiencing the worst decline, with global supplies estimated at 68 million this year.

Apple's users are moving away from the iPhone for Samsung

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