Tuesday , August 16 2022

Authenticity and a special experience with the lady on the plane


Asala Nasri, a Syrian artist, is experimenting with an Omani businessman who accidentally met her on a plane she took to Oman to celebrate a concert at the 2019 Salalah Festival.

Asala said: "As if life brought us everything we needed to know, I had the great fortune of sitting on the plane today with a lady through whom I know how, sometimes or most of them, the Omani woman is. In dictionary selection).

"I later learned that she was a well-known businesswoman. I sat with all my interest in listening to her conversations. She also introduced me to her. She also briefly told me the nature of the life of an authentic Oman woman. She spoke in a conversation about ethics, values, knowledge and kindness.International Month is from Amman and I have nothing to do with what I should know.Thank God who wanted me not to be honored on this noble side.

Asala concluded: "It was a great coincidence to sit next to this lady, to sing in beautiful Salalah, with a heart that beats with love and respect for this well-educated intellectual people. Please God be a close friend and dear to everyone here in the homeland of the beauty and the beauty here in Amman),

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