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Before the Indian comedian


In a tragic and shocking incident, an Indian comedian dies on stage while performing one of his most famous comedies in Dubai, where his heart suddenly stopped in the laughter of the audience.

The audience of the growing Indian artist, Mangonat Nydidou, shocked the Dubai Theater, who initially thought the actor's fall was just a joke and part of his performance.

– British comedian Ian Konogito

The Naydo incident, not the first of its kind, where British comedian Ian Konogito dies on April 13, after a heart attack similar to audience laughter that he thought the moments of his stool crash on the stage was a funny paragraph while suffering from an attack. Severe heart attack, according to The Sun newspaper, British.

At the time of their heartbeat, the audience watched and laughed for five minutes, claiming that what made them think they pretended to be without hesitation was that the comedian was joking about his trauma just 10 minutes before his death.

After a few minutes without movement, a worker approached the theater to see what had happened to the actor before calling an ambulance and asking the public to leave the theater while he was trying to revive him.

– Russian singer Vanya Halilova

On January 23, 2019, Russian media announced the death of a famous singer after her sudden fall during the singing.

The head of the Tatar music group, Fania Halilova, has broken away from the hospital, which was moved to her after she fell on stage, according to a video broadcast of activists.

Helykova, 54, suddenly fell on her face during her musical performance at the Voshod Palace of Culture in Ulyanovsk, the Volga and Shivaji rivers, about 900 km from Moscow.

Moroccan artist Mustafa Baghdad

In June 2012, Moroccan artist Mustafa Bagdadi, as Secretary General of the Free Trade Union of Musicians, participated in a concert at the Moroccan National Song Festival, which at the opening speech fell to his knees in front of everyone, But he uttered his last words on the scene, suddenly deviated from our world.

– Saudi painter Talal Medah

On August 11, 2000, during the resurgence of a concert at the Muft Theater in Saudi Arabia, Saudi artist Talad Madah, one of the most famous singers and singers in the Persian Gulf, fell off his chair before starting his musical career.

– Egyptian actor Ibrahim Abdel Racek

The same fate of the Egyptian artist Ibrahim Abdel Rajkk took on January 29, 1987, while performing his final role in the play "Kaablon" before Egyptian actor Said al-Saleh, who shocked the public after believing he was unconscious but surprised from his death after a heart attack, to leave our world at the age of 45.

– Egyptian artist Mahmoud El Meligi

In an earlier interview, director Hanni Lashin gave the final moments to Mahmoud El Meligi, who died while presenting his latest film in Abu, in the presence of Omar Sharif on 6 June 1983.

Al-Melayji spoke to al-Sharif, saying: "Life is very strange, sleeping and repairing, sleeping and sleeping, sleeping and snoring." He lowered his head, pretending to sleep in the chair, and seemed to fall asleep in the laughter of the audience. He died.

– Lebanese artist Nasri Shams El Din

Lebanese painter Nasri Shamshedin is known for performing folk songs with the great artist Fayruz who appears in most of the plays of Rahabani, famous for his original Lebanese and Tarbuš On March 18, 1983, our world has fallen on stage, leaving our world 56 -years old. ,

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