Tuesday , August 16 2022

Breast milk dissolves cancerous tumors


A study of a milk-based chemical called alpha-1h inhibits tumors, the Daily Telegraph reported.

The substance is found only in breast milk and helps break the tumors of fragments in the body, allowing cancer patients to pass through the urine.

The first results of the early study, involving 40 patients with incurable bladder cancer, found that all 20 people who received the real drug instead of placebo in six batches for 22 days removed the complete tumor cells in their urine.

In a smaller experiment at the University Hospital in Mothul, Prague, under the supervision of scientists at the Swedish University of Lund, nine patients with bladder cancer were given five daily doses a week earlier for a tumor removal surgery.

It is noted that eight of them begin to pass tumor cells in their urine only two hours after giving them a drug, reducing the size of tumors and pain, and proving that, unlike other chemotherapy methods, there is no damage in surrounding tissues.

Professor Katarina Svanburg, who discovered that solvents in breast milk killed cancer cells in 1995, while at Lund University, which founded the Hamlet Pharma Limited Real Estate Testing Company, said she hopes to break many types of tumors.

Alpha-1H helps produce lactose, milk sugar needed to feed children and converts milk into liquid.

It has been proven that the drug kills more than 40 types of cancer cells in animal experiments, and laboratory evidence shows its effect on many different types of cancer cells, such as brain tumors and colon cancer, as well as bladder cancer in humans.

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