Wednesday , September 28 2022

Common diseases in the Arab world and their causes … and the most important tips for their prevention



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The world as a whole and the Arab world in particular suffer from several common diseases, namely diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol.

"Diabetes is one of the most common diseases in the world and according to the latest statistics from the International Federation of Diabetes, there are about 400 million people infected," says Dr. Magdi Henning, an expert in immunology, laboratory medicine and analysis. It represents 20% of patients in Arab societies, in countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, and Lebanon.

Symptoms of diabetes are between hunger and urge to urinate and lighten when you feel nervous. Diabetes is not dangerous and one can live with it normally but he needs care and care and keeps in contact with the doctor and treatment under his control , an uncomplicated process.

Dr. Hennedy said: "Cholesterol and stress are called silent diseases because they are without symptoms and if they are not treated, they can be fatal and can cause serious myocardial infarction or things like strokes in different places such as the brain or an explosion of one of the arteries due to high pressure. In these diseases, drugs should be kept under medical supervision.

He explained: These diseases can be identified by periodic examinations in each medical laboratory and advising patients to stay away from overweight and obesity and reduce fat, eat vegetables and fruits, and stay away from worry and stress of life to keep in touch with your doctor.

Dr. Meid summarizes the causes of these diseases as follows:

1 – The quality of food in the Arab countries that are high in fat, fat and starch, and the lack of food, as we in the Arab countries generally do not eat breakfast, for example, causing many problems in the body where a person you should eat 3 or 5 meals a day.

2 – Marriage of relatives, since Arabs marry in close communities or from the same family, leading to the strengthening of the genetic factor, as many of these diseases have genetic assets.

– smoking, the Arab nations of the nations have smoked strongly and many countries have started to reduce smoking and have succeeded, but unfortunately in the Arab countries and the pressure from life and several other factors have failed.

4. Lifestyle plays a big role: we are not interested in our health, we do not exercise mainly, we do not walk, 30 minutes walk a day is enough, and we do not play any other sport.

And the most important tips made by Dr. who protect against these diseases:

1 – attention to health and to keep from overweight, which is causing many problems.

2 – attention to food quality, fat reduction and meal organization.

3 – Periodic review of the doctor and blood tests.

4 – Stay away from smoking.

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