Friday , September 24 2021

Current technology – iRobot confirms that "robotic cleaners" spy on the user's home

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Today, iRobot confirms that the "robot broom" is spying on the user's home.

Washington – Arabic today

IRobot, the maker of small house robots, said it would give Google some of the data the robots obtained from the user's homes.

The company explained that the robot, "Roomba +7" was dedicated to cleaning the floor, making maps of the user's home, and storing the map in electronic memory, and this helped speed up the cleaning process, but this map was sent to Google on the Internet from time to time, Robot -This robot is connected to the WIFI network at home.

The purpose of the process, according to iRobot, is to use Google's data in software development, which will help future robots to perform tasks that are bigger and more complex, and will be implemented by voice commands sent by users to robots through the "Voice" assistant Google.

Some robot room users "Roomba" were worried about the comments, so they said the manufacturer was spying on and allowing other companies to spy on the user's home.

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