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Egypt chairs the African Union Technical Committee on Health and Medicines Control


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The Minister of Health and Population chairs the third ministerial-level meeting of the Specialized Technical Committee on Health, Population and Drug Control, under the auspices of President Abdel Fatah Al-Sissi, and co-chaired by Egypt in the African Union. and representatives of international organizations dealing with health and population issues.

In his speech, the Minister stressed that Egypt is committed to achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and in general the African goals, and in particular health, population and drug control, through concerted efforts, mobilizing all resources and adopting ambitious and constructive plans aimed at ensuring a dignified and secure life for the peoples, i. Stressing that the citizen is the nation's most important national asset and the basis for its rise and progress, the health and education sectors in Egypt have received special attention in consistent national plans.

She added that the state has taken this step through initiatives launched by President Abdel Fatah Al Sisi in the field of health, which aims to combat all infectious and non-communicable diseases, in particular the 100 million health initiative, which included an equal study of Egyptians and non-Egyptians, a comprehensive health insurance system, as well as early detection and treatment of breast cancer and support for women's health.

During his speech, the Minister of Health announced Egypt's intention to establish a regional center for the support of public health initiatives based in Cairo to activate public health initiatives in African countries to eradicate diseases and epidemics, which are a major burden African sister countries.

She added that Egypt would provide logistical support and support plans for the implementation of public health initiatives under the initiatives of Egypt under the auspices of President Abdel Fatah Al Sisi, which is launching under the motto "100 million health." The center will partner with experience and experience between African countries to provide healthcare to all citizens, Stressing that a ministerial meeting is scheduled in Cairo next November to activate the establishment of the headquarters under the umbrella of the African Commission yuz.

The minister also reaffirmed Egypt's intention to sign and ratify the AMA agreement, urging all African Union member states to follow suit when ratifying it in November for the positive impact expected by the continent. way has contributed to the development of the pharmaceutical industry. ,

In his speech, the Minister called for the unification of the African position in order to receive the benefits of buying a unified drug at lower prices in light of escalating global prices and to find ways to pay and facilitate access to the most needy African countries prices, which will contribute to the development of the pharmaceutical industry On the other hand, the financial burden of small and medium income.

During the session, Dr. Mohammed Gad, Head of the Egyptian External Health Care Ruler and Supervision Service, said that with the success of Egyptian health initiatives and the praise of international organizations in them, chaired by Egypt, The African Union, which has the right to health through the fight against disease and epidemics, which is the initial plan for the complete elimination of hepatitis viruses in all African countries.

He stressed that this step included training medical staff on the model of medical examination for hepatitis viruses and the basics of the evaluation and treatment and follow-up of these diseases and complications, in addition to providing medicines without treatment for the C virus, and providing technical support for medical units and building an information model used in data collection and analysis, as well as technical support in the Vaccination Field, especially the zero dose of B virus.

For his part, the Minister of Health of Sierra Leone praised the public health initiatives launched by the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt, President Abdel-Fatah Al-Sisi, and handed the banner to Dr Hala Zayed, Minister of Health and Population of Egypt, after the election of Egypt from the North African countries to be nominated for the presidency of Egypt Two consecutive years Specialized Technical Committee on Health, Population and Drug Control of the African Union.

The minister called on the committee to meet annually to support ongoing consultation and coordination between them, stressing that Egypt would not endeavor to work hard and cooperate with the African brothers to achieve the common interests and hopes of the peoples and countries of the African continent and in particular to activate health records.

The minister explained that during her recent visit to New York, she sought to ally herself with Al-Jabro to support poor, low-income countries with medicines that standardize orders and provide medicines for patients with hepatitis virus in Africa at the lowest global price. She also mentioned her meeting with GAVI on her last visit to Geneva, during which an agreement was reached to develop the graft system and increase its rates annually by 10% in African countries.

She also said that Egypt is renewing its commitment to the need for maternal and child care and support for family planning, reproductive health, nutrition and youth and adolescent health services, adding that Egypt is working to reduce maternal and infant mortality. Maternal mortality rate reduced by 73% Egypt is 43.9% in 2017 per 100,000 live births, near the 2020 target, in addition to increasing the routine vaccination of infants beyond 94% .

The health minister said Egypt has launched a national plan to combat antibiotic-resistant microbes and a program to streamline and manage antibiotic use, putting it at the forefront in African countries in this area.

During the meeting, the Minister of Health called for the unification of the voice of the African continent for the adoption and development of laws and legislation against drugs and crime. She also recommended combating terrorism, which deprives people of one of the essential principles of life that was recommended by President Abdel Fatah al-Sissi at a recent youth conference. In the process of work, underlining Egypt's willingness to present a comprehensive national drug plan that follows the United Nations international standards, which was praised by Professor John Strön.

African Union Social Affairs Commissioner Dr Amira Al-Fadhel said that the African Union is working to follow up and implement the African Health Plan 2016-2030, which is fully in line with the 2030 Development Goals. and the Africa Program 2063 and thanked Egypt for hosting the First Population Conference in 1994. Pointing out that a population conference will be held in Nairobi in November.

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