Wednesday , September 28 2022

Fire under the ashes in Kadisha .. And temptations to join the "electricity"!


Under the title: "For Qadisha Electricity Company .. Under ash fire," Ghassan Rifi writes in "Northwest Ambassador": growing dissatisfaction and growing in the Qadisha power company, which can be said to be no longer just a place for partisans linked with the "Free Patriotic Movement," while others who are happy with the "future" stream, find other employees belonging to other political movements or independent, are on the ground, functionally and financially, and are subject to a series of administrative burdens , and promotions and wage increases for those who are have an orange card or who are willing to bear it.

Many of the stories and stories traded among employees at Qadisha start with investments that account for the people of Tripoli and the interest of other northern areas for political and electoral purposes through discretion in dealing with employees and classification according to the political their accessories.

The information shows that the Qadisha electricity promotions are obtained either by choice or by coincidence, and that what is optional requires prior conditions that the employee holds a certificate that he holds a position or a position, in addition to his salary has reached a certain percentage. Surprisingly, however, the promotions achieved have affected all these conditions on the wall, and many employees are promoted from the fourth category first in the category (third 2b), without taking into account the sectarian equilibrium; Which of those who have not reached the required rate were increased. Salaries of about one million pounds have increased them, which has led to a huge gap between staff or the day of administrative or paid rankings, which has led to disruption and dislike among staff, especially among those worthy of promotion but did not make him is not liked, while there are those who are not worthy of promotion, they have been presented to the "silver dish by party bias orange or blue, while those who can not be promoted only through the game are promoted without behavior in the Kittel political and guerrilla discretion.

Many employees say that many are tempted to belong to the "Free Patriotic Movement" and, as a result, win, noting that the Trusteeship Department is dealing with Kadisha as a private company and forgets that it is the property of a public institution. Workers' rules and laws and their wage increases, it is worth noting that the consumers of Kadisha have a collective labor agreement and apply to them applied to EDL users and point out that the wage gap between Equal achievement of education or certificates is scary within Kadisha due to this illegal promotion.

Many of those who have applied for Qadisha Electricity Company more than a year ago expect a response to their fate, the company has claimed around 75 people, with around 2500 people applying for and each paying 50,000 pounds. Which is equivalent to £ 125 million, and since then the fate of this recruitment is still in the knowledge of the invisible and the voices of those who have progressed, asking or announcing the names of the people admitted to the games, or announcing the abolition of employment and reimbursement of a financial fee for all, Big ?, note that the starting point of this idea comes from the consumer's need of Kadisha N, provided that most of the employees' children who are at odds with what's on a random political notion er.

Those who are familiar with the situation in Kadisha say things are getting worse, in the light of strengthening power centers in the company, and polarization of staff members in party affiliation, highlighting the need to put hands on supervisory authorities over this company, The calculations make the situation in Kadisha as a fire under ash! …

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