Tuesday , August 16 2022

For more professional videos, follow these simple rules


Shady Awad writes in Al Gomhouria: "With the development of smart phones, we are all able to capture video easily and broadcast it directly to the Internet and social networks, but most of these videos are poorly captured, which is not allowed when these videos are related to famous websites or even when they are related to celebrities and "bloggers" have thousands of followers.

Today, every citizen is like mobile TV and the contribution of this is the distribution of cameras in the phones together with a permanent internet connection and the possibility of live or subsequent broadcasting on social networks. Opportunities that arise through the so-called "Internet Video", which is not subject to any technical conditions at all. The majority of these videos are visible in the image and the fast movement of the image moving to the right, left, up and down in such a way that the rotor can appear. There should be no mention of darkening photography, bad sound and other potentially fatal errors when connecting to a TV station.

Respect viewers
Essential to anyone who wants to publish periodic videos and communicate with their followers through video is to adhere to the minimal controls that will increase the value of their site and its page and make it more distinctive than amateur pages and other users who open the camera and photography accidentally. The way photography and efforts are made to deliver the image in the best possible way reflects the extent to which the owner or site of the site respects viewers.

Here we are not talking about professional photography that needs the skills and rules of camera movement, location, lighting, distribution, image composition, frame quality, lighting and sound. But you just want to highlight simple and inexpensive basic things that will make videos more professional.

Errors and Solutions
As we said earlier, we just want to highlight the simple basic things that anyone could do without any material costs that will improve the video we will get. So we'll focus on two basic things, image and sound. The vibrating picture is the most disturbing thing for the viewer, so try as long as possible to maintain the camera's non-vibrations and the use of the triple holder can be purchased at very low prices and does not exceed $ 20. to shoot moving scenes, a device to prevent camera shake during pregnancy, known as "Gimbal," and having a cost of about 150 dollars.

It is important to note that the phone should be placed on the table at an angle of curvature and that the video should be taken from the front camera because the head will look great compared to the close proximity body of the camera lens. So try to have the phone at the face level and install it horizontally. In this context, it is also important that the phone is properly maintained. When transmitting a video in real time, the phone should be kept long because the communication sites support the longitudinal image of the live broadcast.

But when you capture your videos for later viewing, wherever you are, you should keep your phone in full-frame view so the video does not appear lengthwise and black on both sides. The quality of the sound is not less than the picture quality in the video, so it is important to use a microphone that can be connected directly to the phone, delivering excellent sound quality by relying on the microphone of the phone that captures the sounds of any side in the case of external shooting, and reflects in the case of Indoor Photography. This microphone can be purchased at a price that does not exceed $ 50.

In the summary
The video capture method is in line with the publisher's commitment and severity, thus giving viewers greater reliability. While the randomized video shows the opposite. Therefore, anyone who wants to publish videos to communicate with their followers must adhere to the minimum of easy and inexpensive controls as an expression of the effort it takes for their followers and viewers.

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