Wednesday , September 28 2022

For the iPhone 2020 with a triple sensor for better sunlight


Apple's upcoming iPhone, known as iPhone 2019, will include a triple camera, but not a 3D sensor that will change next year as Apple has contacted manufacturers of the core components of these sensors, according to reports today.

Analysts expect the devices to include a 3D ToF sensor that adds to the back of the phone to improve the AR features of the iPhone 12 and continue working with ARKit 2 on iOS 12.

Additionally, it will improve depth-based effects such as light effects in the camera application.

Apple's iPhone 2020 will have a three-dimensional ToF sensor at the back, and the sensor can measure distances up to 4.5 meters longer than current Android phone sensors.

Apple is particularly looking for VCSEL components that provide light pulses used by the ToF sensors.

The current 3D sensor of the iPhone uses TrueDepth and is based on organized lighting, and flight time modules provide greater accuracy and longer range as well as better sunlight.

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