Thursday , October 28 2021

Force ministers object to Hezbollah minister's request!


After a 41-day hiatus, the Council of Ministers reunited on Saturday, but without peace and no handshake between those involved in the incident in Qabrshmoun-Basateen, Minister of Education and Higher Education Akram Shuhaib and Minister of Health Wael Abu Fawr (Progressive Socialist) Minister for Displaced Affairs Saleh Al Garib (Lebanon Democratic Party led by MP Talal Arslan).

Al Hayat newspaper said that the ministerial meeting held at Baabda Palace chaired by the President of the Republic and the presence of the Prime Minister and the absent ministers: Foreign Minister Gebran Basil in addition to Labor Minister Camil Abu Sulayman was characterized by calm nature and included a debate on the Minister of Labor's procedures. About Palestinian labor. "

According to al-Hayat, when Minister Mahmoud Kamati (Hezbollah) lifted the work permit for Palestinian refugees at the end of the session, he suspended the measures and measures taken by the absent minister, Abu Suleiman, reminding the president and minister – That they promised a solution. Lebanon Prime Minister Hasan Hasbani and May Shidyak objected and demanded that the matter be postponed until the relevant minister returns from the trip and decides on his presence, refusing to be absent.

Then Abu Four proposed the decision to be taken, but without talking about it in the media because of the inconvenience of the Minister of Labor. Defense Minister Elias Bu Saab intervened, saying: "It is wrong to violate a minister's authority and impede law enforcement," stressing that "the cabinet should not violate the minister's decision and withdraw it." It was decided to adjourn the discussion to a later session.

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