Wednesday , September 28 2022

Galaxy Tab S6 monitor with 6840 mA battery and Pen S Pen and Dual Camera!


Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is the first appearance of the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 with a number of original specifications, and now we have seen more details with clearer pictures of what the new device will look like.

Watch the Galaxy Tab S6 with a 6840 mA battery and Pen S Pen and a dual camera

According to the testimony of the National Communications Commission of Taiwan (NCC), Samsung's latest tablet devices will feature a 6840 mAh battery with a 15-watt quick charge.

According to previous leaks, the Galaxy Tab S6 will include the Super AMOLED 10.5-inch screen and the Qualcomm Sualdragon 855 SoC flagship.

Other accents include a quad-core speaker and a double rear camera and support for the S Pen, which will have a special space under the rear camera.

It is expected that the Korean company will announce the Galaxy S6 S6 together with GalaxyNote 10 at a major event on August 7 next, and there is no information on the price and markets on which the device will be available yet.

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