Thursday , July 29 2021

Hariri will announce his position on Hezbollah's obstacles to the government after he returned to Beirut

Official sources said
Future Movement in Lebanon, appointed by Prime Minister Saad Hariri, will comment on what
And responding to the speech of Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah on the path of forming the Lebanese government,
After returning to Beirut at the end of his current visit to the French capital, Paris

The sources,
In a statement tonight, Hariri will announce the position "which is in line with the political moment

On the other hand, he stressed
Sources in the Future Movement – in a statement to the Middle East News Office – that what appeared on the tongue
Nasrallah in her television speech today that she came "in the context of deliberate obstruction of the formation
The government ", expresses shock and strong curses" a tone of arrogance and an increase in violence
Which does not reduce the direct threat "used by the Secretary of Hezbollah to portray him

Sources show
The Prime Minister-appointed Saad Hariri will not be obliged, under any circumstances, to form
Government according to the constitution and criteria of Hezbollah, or other partisan or sectarian political forces
However, Hariri is committed only to fixed rules based on the principles set out by the Constitution through consensus
And cooperation with the President of the Republic

Sources added that
Hassan Nasrallah seemed to say, "There will be no government except in the light of what he wants and decides
Hezbollah ", denounced its involvement in the privacy of other Lebanese people, in particular
Sunni Sect and how to represent it

The source denies the flow,
Without doubt, the validity of Nasrallah's allegations against Saad Hariri he did
Seductive sectarians and sectarians, stressed that they were really false accusations, as well as them
Absolutely inappropriate, and that this approach to dealing with government crises will not
Only for further complications

Sources say
Future: "The Prime Minister-appointed from the first day to raise the issue of minister March 8,
This has been resolved by all categorical rejection, leaving no room for doubt or maneuver
On it ".. noted that the Chairman of the House of Representatives Nabih Berri and Hezbollah were fully aware
In the final form of forming the government, the Baabda presidential palace is preparing to issue a decree

Sources confirm this
There is no "obstacle table" that stands in front of the government formation, and from the beginning,
The Sunni representation, notes that it appeared in the last moments of Hezbollah and was accepted
Declaration and issuance of decisions form the government

He is the prime minister
Saad Hariri has ended consultations on forming a new government, the latest obstacle
Ministry representation related to the Lebanese Forces Party, which has agreed to participate in
The government in light of the previous minister's quota, and has submitted a list of candidates
To fill in the portfolio

He called Hezbollah
– at the last moment of the final consultation to form a government – to represent a number of allies
Deputies of Sunni communities in government, contrary to the portion of the Ministry of Future Movement represented
The biggest politician from the Lebanese community led by Prime Minister Saad Hariri
Hariri was expressly rejected and strongly opposed, stressing that it would not be permitted even if it was needed
He apologized for failing to form a government

Hariri is based
– In his refusal to represent Sunni parliamentarians who allied themselves with Hezbollah, a total of 6 deputies in parliament
– that the Future Movement, a parliamentary majority majority sweeps the Sunni community in Lebanon,
As well as that "popular vote" shows that MPs from the March 8 team, they have
Less than 9% of the votes in the recent elections also did not form a parliamentary bloc
But they are members of several existing parliamentary blocks, and then not
They can be represented by ministers, otherwise their parliamentary size has been counted twice

Last day – to support this issue by President Michel Aoun, who said – in a television interview
On the occasion of two years since being elected president of Lebanon – that "Sunni knot" was made
And that these deputies are individuals and eventually gather and not a parliamentary bloc

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