Wednesday , September 28 2022

"Hezbollah" compels him. This is the story of the mercy request!


The information from the MTV website shows that the story of the resignation of a member of the Loyal to Resistance unit, MP Nawaf al-Moussawi, began after Hezbollah's decision to freeze its membership for a year.

The website says the Hezbollah leadership has asked him to be cautious in the statement and has received a clear warning that he will not be a candidate on party lists of upcoming parliamentary elections.

And forced Mousavi's behavior, Mohamad Raad's opposition loyalist leader, to the public apology in the House of Representatives, "the statement said.

The site went on: "After a certain period of the decision, Al-Mousavi submitted a condolence request describing what had happened to him in the special circumstances that had passed and reflected on his political activity, his request was approved and he was allowed to do it again parliamentary activity. "

The site states that the incident with the Damur station is "the straw that has crushed the camel's back." He pointed out that party leadership had gathered around 48 hours later and took its decisive decision, which he told Mousavi on Thursday, "forcing him to resign."

The site reported that Mousavi had handed over the news of his resignation to appear to have been issued with a personal decision stating that the deviation was done without conciliation with the party, "which increases the error in the protocol of his mistakes," according to the site.

The website concluded that Musau's behavior after his resignation "will be under the eyes of Hezbollah's leadership, who will decide on the basis of the decision to continue membership in the party or not."

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