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Hidden hands missed a party in Baalbek … How long did the city suffer?


The medicine is needed by every patient, and its absence makes the disease more severe and difficult to treat. It affects the sick Baalbek, or the treatment is not appropriate or not engaged in it, the result is, as we see today, weapons and bullets and casualties.

For the past 26, on Friday, Baalbek Castle was a date with a wonderful musical masterpiece as part of the activities of the Baalbeck festivals. It was supposed to be the charming "Rkoyamfredi", a religious music show composed by a genius genius, According to informed sources, noting that the show, which must be quiet to enjoy it, failed because of the hands of a hidden fire near the the venue for no reason but failed the ceremony and fired crackers at the same end, revealing that the noise about the music and the sound of bullets drove one of the ambassadors to express their displeasure clearly in a letter to Li-chairman of the Baalbek Festival Nayla de Freij said that "If you can't e organize successful festivals Tnzmoha why? "

This incident reflects the situation of a city where some of the influential people want to continue the chaos situation, because the change will be at the expense of their presence and authority. Sources confirm that in the past months, since the implementation of the security plan, the city of Baalbek has witnessed significant improvements in social and economic "life", especially in tourism, but about two months ago returned to its old state due to the failure of security.

This failure, which was evident in the recent wedding incident that claimed the lives of 3 people in the region, has disturbed the population and parties, particularly Hezbollah and the Amal movement, because bitter reality is unlikely, according to Shiite sources, the countries they cannot get into the law much because the tribes "by and in them" may not be parties to the conflict, but they seek to be all, guerrilla and non-partisan, under the umbrella of a single law.


Shiite group sources add: "The problem of the region cannot be limited to one, in terms of the absence of state and laws or the difficult life situation and lack of development, stating through the 'newsletter' that what is happening, is the same reasons combined. The weapon of masculinity and power and use is due to the lack of law enforcement and accounting, so addressing this dilemma must first change the cultural mentality of young people and, second, enforce the law, because by its very nature it does not require clemency but through force .

Sources urge: "Adopting the amnesty law because it will greatly contribute to the return of hundreds of normal lives, coupled with the declaration of rigor in the law, the shooting of sad and happy events will lead to imprisonment, in addition to the immediate arrest of permits for arms in Baalbek to prevent his pregnancy relief, and to activate the educational role of the clergy, because it is a deterrent to harm and murder and theft, and the entry of the state into its organs towards the region, development and military affairs, and it imposes prestige, "emphasizing that" the argument of party coverage has fallen a long time, ie they open before them, but what happens is that they enter days and after they give up and get out of the law and have fun.

In the 1990s and the beginning of the new century, some strange regulations were applied in Baalbek, but they were effective in controlling security. On the day the bullets were fired at the wedding or comfort, the groom and his family or mourners were arrested until the shooter's surrender, ie. Which has changed a lot on this. Do they really want security in this region or security?

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