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How does your smartphone affect your skin?


Smartphones are a concern for everyone, adults and children are crazy about them and rarely find someone who does not keep their mobile phone. Although we are all aware of its bad consequences, we do not deny that it has invaded our lives in a way that is difficult to separate. Besides side effects on health, the small screen can also cause serious damage to your skin,

How does your smartphone affect your skin?

The legs – these little wrinkles around your eyes that sneak in the mid-30s – will increase as your eyes move constantly to read the phone while you push your muscles to focus on Better.,

When you stick to your phone all the time, these wrinkles might not wait to appear in the 1930s. But it may begin to appear twenty years.

What can you do?

As well as reducing screen time, make frequent breaks and use some cactus gel under your eyes. You can put a thick layer of aloe vera, leave it for 15 minutes and then rinse your face with cold water,


The bacteria around you like the phone screen that acts as a magnet for the bacteria. So, at the moment your phone picks up and puts it on your skin, the bacteria move to your screen, For this reason, experts advise not to take mobile phones in the bathroom or to place the screen on exposed surfaces.

What can you do?

Try using the headphones to answer phone calls. Clean your phone with a sterile cloth – you can do it once a day. Clean your face with acne products such as benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid,

Treatment of skin pallor

Tired skin looks yellow or dark. Remember that pale skin is not just a sign of aging but can be caused by exposure to the rays of the phone,

What can you do?

Do not use the screen for an hour's sleep and use a suitable moisturizing cream at night and a sunscreen during the day.

Other problems with excessive use of smartphones:

Pain in the neck

Continuous checking of the phone can cause pain, wrinkles and relaxation in the neck muscles, as well as spasm in the joints of the neck.,

What can you do?

Do not bend your neck to look at your phone, but keep your phone at the eye level. Exercise to strengthen the neck,

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