Tuesday , August 3 2021

In Beirut … to return his wife to him accusing his father of harassing him!

BG didn't find it. The way to return his wife to him, only slander the people accused of kidnapping and their little son, and went so far as to accuse his wife's father of harassing him (ie girls), according to the newspaper "Future", which showed that the husband, Quick complained about the "facts" of the kidnapping, which was staged in the amusement park at the lighthouse, where the arms and arms of his brother and kidnapped and their son, and placed the last in an orphanage after they changed their names so he would not see it.

But "Wind" BG. The newspaper said in an article by author Katya Tawa, where it was found that he had violated his wife's family and fabricated false evidence of the crime of kidnapping, turned from the defendant to a crime, and received his sentence with the decision of the Criminal Court in Beirut led by Judge Tariq Bitar He spent three years in hard work and the sentence was changed to one year in prison.

Bg. It was mentioned in his complaint that he knew his wife six years ago after escaping from his father's house, who harassed him, where he married her and a child, and we moved from his wife in Beirut because of the threats they faced them. And when he was night with his wife and son at the lighthouse amusement park, he attended three brothers and his father and took him and his son with arm strength.

Two years after the complaint was filed, one of the three brothers, A. Who denied what his brother-in-law had given him, and stated that his sister had left the last and brought their son to their home because the defendant beat him besides alcohol and drug abuse, and that the defendant tried the telephone to return it sometimes by talking and threatening. Dan added that his "son-in-law" filed a complaint against them in retaliation for his wife.

In the context of AH The incident leaving his daughter-in-law to his sister was reserved in the Karaj car in Tripoli for not paying him for a public car, indicating that his brothers were in Syria.

The wife denied that she had been kidnapped by her family and that her husband wanted to go home. Only to return to him, confirmed that her husband was addicted to the use of pills and alcohol and was finishing his hand.

The husband, who was accused, denied what he had been given and said that before his wife left home, there was no dispute between them except that they beat their son. He divorced him because of his family and insisted that his wife not leave the house at all, but his father and brother kidnapped him and their son.

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