Tuesday , August 16 2022

Is loss a mystery?


Lebanon suffers from a lack of electricity and water, but there is a new crisis that collides with the new one and can not hide the stinking smell. The information is intersected that Beirut and its suburbs and large areas of Mount Lebanon on the outskirts of an emerging waste crisis after the Kostabawa landfill closes, and the Burjah Hamoud landfill inability to absorb additional waste … Like the crisis in the North and South areas where hundreds of casual landfills,, and is expanding!

Whether the subject of "Kostrava" as a result of political teamwork from one team to another or a purely technical matter ultimately means returning waste to the streets with catastrophic consequences that endanger the health of Lebanese and their environment, sea, land, air and nature, in the sense that it is not said that the closure of the landfill is a problem, but the formal deal and coping with the political forces with this crisis is a national catastrophe full of descriptions and elements that affect the image of Lebanon and its credibility. power,

This is a picture of the situation for a thousand reasons and a file. In fact, the internal scene varies from argument to argument, between interruption and demolition, and between populism and racism, waste, corruption, lack of services, the ghost of bankruptcy and transgression. Law and others..

To luxury or naive, perhaps, ask for a radical and final solution to the waste problem. This crisis proved to be greater than anything else. Greater than the crisisMiddle EastAnd nuclear conflict and security of the strait. Lebanon, only the electricity crisis that is repeated for the near-by solution … a quarter century!!

According to the research, Lebanon produces about 940 tonnes of solid waste per day. 5% of which are dumped randomly at landfills, and about 50 tonnes of hazardous solid waste is produced annually, all of which are not subject to a scientific, environmental and health framework, they only enter the bazaar of corruption and use of public funds.Thus, the violent political conflict on this file, a kind of blindness, is intended. Is it reasonable to spend the cost of waste from the outbreak of this crisis a few hundred years ago hundreds of millions of dollars, without achieving anything to solve, only partially and in time. Transferring the status of continuity or compliance with environmental control? Who brings the chaos of the two major mines and their environmental and health consequences, and behind them hundreds of casual landfills? And what rule or authority sinks into a waste crisis and can not, through their ministries, the parliamentary committee, the Development and Reconstruction Council, its municipalities and all its geniuses, solve them? Only in Lebanon,

In summary, the waste crisis continues and there are no close and sustainable solutions, not in the center, the capital, nor in the areas, except for accidental and recurring attacks on nature by land and sea. As for the waste crisis, to crises of electricity, water, the Internet, medicines, the airport, roads and many more … casual and improvised and hurry. And this is God before and after,

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