Sunday , November 29 2020

Jerusalem News Agency – Abu Arab met with the Mujahideen Movement and the Ansar League in Ain al-Hilve

Lebanon's National Security Palestinian Leader, Major General Subhi Abu Arab, met with leader of the Islamic Battle of Sheikh Sheikh Jamal Katab and a member of the Islamic Ansar Shurah Council Al-Ansar Sheikh Abu Tarek al-Saadi at the headquarters of the Ain al-Hilwah movement.

The meeting was attended by Deputy Commander of National Security Major General Munign al-Macdah, Brigadier General Khalid al-Shaybe and Colonel Sid al-Assus, member of the Abu Suhaib Daha League Leader and Abu Muhammad Balata.

The participants discussed the general conditions and security situation at Ain El-Hilveh camp and Al-Mie and Mye camp, highlighting "the need to preserve the security of our people and our people in both camps and camps."

The participants stressed "the importance of joint action for the benefit of our people and our people."

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