Wednesday , September 28 2022

Latifa descends to her knees to kiss her admiration. And society remembers Osayly's attitude and attacks him!


Tunisian actress Latipha received a wide audience after she fell on her knees during her concert at the Bismarra International Festival in Tunisia to give her admiration.

Latifa shot her on her Twitter account as one of her fans attended her concert in Tunisia and added: "Like her, I would like to go down on my lap with Toshoni, thank you for the love of Bizerta."

The first step was to compare the behavior of Egyptian artist Mahmoud al-Assayli when he was embarrassed by one of his fans and refused to allow him to take a picture with him during his artistic concert some days ago.

Latifa received huge acclaim from the audience, both on her concert and on the platforms of the media sites, while some of them repeated their criticism and attack on Isabelle's behavior.

Last week, there were rumors of canceling Latifah's concert at the Bismarck International Festival due to the agreement of the festival management with the Tunisian Ministry of Culture to support the Latifah concert given that her salary was high but was surprised by the withdrawal of the agreement ministry. The festival must cancel the concert because they do not have enough budget to pay the contributions of the Tunisian star.

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