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Launch of the Palestinian Authority Supervisory Authority Conference in the host Arab countries

Launch of the Palestinian Authority Supervisory Authority Conference in the host Arab countries

Published in Saudi Press Agency on 14 – 07 – 2019

The Palestinian Authority Supervisory Authority Conference in the host Arab countries started at the LAS at its 102nd regular session, which lasted five days to discuss the development and development of the Palestinian issue, including the renewal of the mandate of the Arab League. United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA).
Palestinian Department Director of the Egyptian Foreign Ministry, Ambassador Khaled Radhi, reiterated in his speech at the conference his firm position on the need to make every effort to resolve the Palestinian issue on the basis of the two-state solution and the creation of a Palestinian state of the territory of East Jerusalem in 1967. Israel's attempts to resolve two countries.
He said the policy of failing and the use of excessive force has always failed to achieve peace and stability, noting that just and secure peace is the only way to achieve stability for all countries.
He stressed the need for UNRWA to continue its work in its five areas of action and to ensure its ability to serve Palestinian refugees in these areas and asked the Palestinian Authority Supervisory Conference to make concrete recommendations. On the issue of renewing the mandate of UNRWA, which is due to be presented before the end of this year, calling on the Palestinian parties to work to give priority to the highest national interest in order to be able to cope with the serious challenges through the speed of work for restoring national unity and circumventing the Palestinian legitimate power.
He stressed the need for communication with the international community, which is responsible for restoring the rights of the Palestinian people.
For his part, the head of the Palestine Liberation Organization's Refugee Unit, conference chairman, Dr. Ahmed Abu Huli, said in his speech that the Palestinian National Liberation Project is going through one of the most dangerous stages in the light of the big attempted liquidation. CMO to accept what has been raised.
"We reaffirm our firm stance that rejects the deal for centuries, and that what is being presented is an American-Israeli political agreement based on circumventing the Arab peace initiative," he said.
He pointed out that the focus of the camp was directed at the UNRWA institutions within the US-Israeli campaign, as well as the completion of the US approach to UNRWA's liquidation and refugee problem in the Gaza Strip. Remove refugee status for refugee children and grandchildren.
It stressed the need to take action to mobilize international support to tackle UNRWA's financial deficit and ensure that its mandate would be adopted in accordance with UNGA Resolution 102, pointing in this regard to the importance of a number of international meetings, which will take place in the next period, including the UNRWA General Assembly in September. + China, headed by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.
The conference president stressed the need to step up the decision of the Arab Summit in Tunisia to step up the financial security network of the Palestinian National Authority, calling for support to the Palestinian leadership steps for holding a multilateral peace conference with the European Union.
Assistant Secretary-General of the League of Arab States Dr. Said Abu Ali said the meeting comes in the light of the growing challenges facing the Palestinian cause, the most important of which is the unprecedented escalation of Israeli aggression on the Palestinian rights system. The US administration's attachment to Israel, which has reached the level of compliance and partnership in aggression against the Palestinian people and their rights.
He underlined the US administration's final status issues that began with the abolition of Jerusalem from the negotiating table, recognizing the United States as the capital of Israel and transferring its embassy to her and the subsequent fierce attack on UNRWA.
Abu Ali said the success of the Donor Conference held in New York in June last year, which resulted in donating more than $ 110 million to 23 UNRWA donors, highlights UNRWA's international credibility, its effectiveness, its ongoing support and the need for its continuation.
Abu Ali said that a number of issues and periodic issues were discussed at the meeting, which are in line with the latest developments in the Palestinian situation and needs, and expressed hope that the conference will come up with clear and effective recommendations for the Palestinian refugee community as a whole.

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