Wednesday , August 17 2022

Light Radio Tomorrow the weather is cloudy and foggy in the mountains


The Civil Aviation Administration's meteorological department (CAA) predicts Tuesday that the weather will be cloudy with high temperatures and fog on the mountains. The bulletin reads as follows:

– General situation: Hot air masses coming from the Arabian Peninsula affect the eastern Mediterranean basin.

– Estimated time in Lebanon: Monday: Low to partly cloudy, with gradual rising temperatures, especially in mountainous and inland areas as fog forms in the mountains. Tuesday: Partly cloudy to partly cloudy, with a further limited temperature increase and fog forming in the mountains. Wednesday: Few clouds unchanged, mentioning temperatures, fog on mountains.

– Estimated temperatures: ashore from 23 to 33 degrees. Above the mountains from 17 to 30 degrees. In rice from 13 to 26 degrees. Indoors from 17 to 37 degrees.

– Wind: southwest, speed between 10 and 35 km / h.

– Drainage: Overall good along the coast, deteriorating locally in the mountains due to fog.

– Relative humidity on the coast: between 55 and 85%.

– sea state: low altitude, water surface temperature 29 degrees.

– Atmospheric pressure: 1007 HPA equivalent at 755 mm Hg.

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