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Maggie Boon Gun undergoes a brief operation in the head, and this explains her condition


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Maggie Boung Gun undergoes a brief operation in the head and details of her condition from the Haya magazine website on Wednesday, July 24, 2019.

Cairo – it is Tuesday, 07/23/2019 – 23:28

Lebanese artist Maggie Boos Ghosn is worried about the audience in recent hours after revealing his presence in the hospital for precise head surgery without revealing details of his condition.

Maggie Bou Ghosn in the intensive ward in the hospital

Maggie Bou Ghosn revealed she was in the hospital in the morning and that she had undergone a proper operation and called for her quick recovery. That made the public care about her health, especially after she had not commented or communicated on communications sites for three days. "By love, we are born, with passion we live, faith and we will continue," she said in her last comment.

Lebanese media and close supporters of Maggie Boos Goss announced that they have successfully undergone a benign tumor removal surgery, including actor and writer Tarik Suwaid who commented on Twitter: "Maggie has been subjected to Braza's client and the surgery has been successful. is due to the power of the past and even more and in all respects … Lord … mentions it with his prayers. "

Maggie Bo Bo Gosn has to stay in the intensive care unit for a few days to monitor her condition after the operation she was supposed to endure at the same time last year, but her doctor decided to postpone her for one year at the last minute to follows its condition before the process.

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