Monday , October 3 2022

Make your wedding dress a fashionable day


Kristina Gab writes in the newspaper "Republic":

"How will I be distinctive and unconventional on the night of my engagement?" This is the first question that goes into your head, and the engagement gown will make the difference and show you how interested you are in your fashion and your love for the new look.

The Aqbalak phrase has begun to persuade you to announce the beginning of the wedding season and the official kidnappings this summer. Your summer is special this year because you will celebrate your commitment and replace this phrase with "great joy".

"How will I be distinctive and unconventional on the night of my engagement?" This is the first question that goes through your head, so you have to make a different choice, striking and shining at the same time.

From global show platforms, star shows and world-class fashion magazines, we'll give you tips to keep an eye on the engagement night.

Fun touch

We are accustomed to dresses that pose suspicion and embroidery, but international fashion focuses on more fun details, according to the platforms of high fashion shows. Metal horns, large and thick pouch, soft feathers that cover all designs and other prints you can embrace. He is the protector of the metal scarves we saw in Ralph & Rousseau and Rami Qadi's high-end collections that came in exotic designs on the one hand and fashionable on the other.

The big cachek that appears in Valentino's collection, which we can not forget, especially in big dresses, is also overwhelming. Not forgetting the big deal that accompanied many platform projects. Add one of those joyful strokes and become the bride of the season. Tip: Stay away from traditional stories and be courageous in your choice.

The story is unusual

The international exhibition platforms have confirmed that the exclusive pieces move the design to another level, even if evenly colored, even the stars and the fascists have applied it to the red carpet and on occasion. Both the French Palmein and Jean-Paul Gaultier prove that history alone is enough to put all your attention in your collection from the spring and summer of 2019. For example, the history of the chest heart shape is turned this time, and you can wear an asymmetrical dress on both sides and distinctive sleeves like Palman's design. To avoid exaggeration, escape from overcrowded patterns, bright colors and cool shades to suit your skin color if the dress has a strange story from the top.

Tip: Do not give up the long slit on the side If the dress is long, it will boast your strength and increase your attractiveness.

Royal character

Many resort to the royal style Vtkrtn details of doubt and lace, which weakens the development of the sight. Fashion Square has proven that simplicity, such as Princess Cut or Mermaid Cut, is your ally. For example, the dress in the form of formal dress from the top, as in the Alexis Mabi collection, or the air to the royal lobby is distinct but far from exaggeration, just like the dresses that appear in the Chanel show: a dress with layers of pastel colors in fairy tale Corset dress with a focus on the distinctive collar and slightly swollen shoulders. Tip: Let your dress is soft and relaxed if it is light or dark to avoid exaggeration.

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