Wednesday , September 28 2022

Map of support for terrorism in the Arab countries


The new Arab News Channel Sky News is the only one to report on Cathar support for terrorism in the Arab countries.

Beginning with the adoption of the terrorist organization Yusuf al-Karadavi, known as the "mufti of hatred," according to US media, Doha's support for terrorism extends to several Arab countries.

According to the report in Yemen, security authorities have found weapons in the Qatari prisons for the organization of the terrorist brothers in Aden.

In Libya, scandals continue to support Doha with weapons and money by bringing into force a Cathar force in Libya to support the Tripoli militias in expanding their control of Death and Mizrah.

According to the report of the UN refugee agency, after Qaddafi's fall, Qatar has focused on support for militias in Tripoli, reinforcing the state of transnational terrorism.

In Syria, Doha hosts al-Qaeda groups and affiliates, mostly Nasra Front, and has played the role of mediator in the release of dozens of prisoners in the Nasrah Front on several occasions.

As a great example, Doha paid a ransom for terrorists to release the nuns in March 2014.

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