Saturday , December 5 2020

Mohamed Ramadan's crises are a constant show in Egypt … the last of which is his imprisonment for 6 months – Mohamed Abusahara

Egyptian artist Mohammed Mohammed Ramadan suffered a strong shock after the Dowy abusive court sentenced him to six months imprisonment for that job and provided 1,000 pounds and a ten-thousand-dollar fine for temporary civilian indemnity for insult and insult to Mohammed MBT.

The decision against the Egyptian artist due to the publication of a video on his official social networking site was taken from all news websites and media, including Shatma, to the president of MBC Egypt, which forced him to sue him for defamation in accordance with Articles 171, 188 , 306, 307 and 308 before ruling against Ramadan.

Many artists are turning to social media sites to publish their latest artistic news and publicity to work immediately. Mohamed Ramadan is the most Egyptian artist who promotes and works through social networking sites.

Ramadan is a controversial figure on the Egyptian street as a whole, and in particular in the art center where it does not pass one day, but presents the new, which is a fruitful piece of material for most media, especially with the success of his works of art and drama. And accused of provoking the Egyptian people after repeatedly publishing the images of luxury cars or in front of a private airplane where the final chapter of the series of controversial disputes, posting videos like "I am the King" after a period of clip "And misuse of fellow artists .

Ramadan finally entered a violent crisis due to the conflict over the summer film market with the movie "Diesel" to come into conflict with # Tamer_hasni with the movie "Al-Badalah" for which of the two films won admirers of the fans.

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