Tuesday , August 16 2022

Moving to a new home increases your chances of giving birth early. How?


Pregnant women who move into a new home in the first 3 months of pregnancy are more likely to have their babies prematurely 42 percent, according to US researchers at Seattle University in Seattle.

In a study of more than 14,000 women, researchers found that moving pregnant women from one home to another early in the month of pregnancy increased the risk of low birth weight by 37 percent.

Previous studies have found that feeling pregnant at the beginning of pregnancy is more detrimental to the unborn baby than to what his mother later experienced.

In addition to the stress caused by the transition to a new home of stress and stress for pregnant women, they are also affected by physical stress due to movement, as well as health disorders when moving to a new residential area that many women do not notice in their first months of pregnancy,

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