Monday , October 3 2022

Muscat declined by 1.6% a week, and market losses of 58 million


Direct: The overall Muscat market index closed its weekly trading session, down 1.59%, closing at 3747.69 points, losing 60.63 points from the end of last week.

Market value fell by 0.25% to 18.265 billion Rial (47.31 billion dollars), compared with 18.333 billion Rial (47.484 billion dollars) last week, with a market loss of 57.64 million Riala.

The index declined during the week under the pressure of the decline in industry indices, the industry advanced by 2.58%, the drop in services by 1.33%, and in the services sector a smaller decline today by 1.16%.

Al Nahda Services lost 11.75% for the week, Al Jazeera Services dropped 9.45%, and Dhofar fell 9.4%.

On the other hand, Oman Insurance Qatar rose 9.09%, Simpecorp Salalah rose 1.92% and HSBC rose 1.77%.

Total trading volume during the week fell 19.22% to 54.815 million Shares, compared to 67,856 million Shares last week.

While the value of trade rose by 16.91%, reaching 8,041 million rials, compared with 6,878 million rials last week.

Nominations ..

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From Muscat In the second quarter, it declined under the pressure of all sectors

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