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Nesriin Tafesh The newest "victims of rumors of death" … How does her relative react?

The news of the artist's death continues Nissil Tafesh In an unprecedented way through social networking platforms, although the announcement of the incident goes on for two days, but the name of the artist is headed by the Google search engine and the media.

The story began when one of the pages came out of the media with surprising news when Damir's death was declared to Nissrin Tafesh and just a moment before the news spread like a wildfire, and the audience began to get confused. Official and real source.

Indeed, a close collaborator of the artist came out and categorically denied the news, condemning the source that promoted the news, while wondering the reasons for declaring the death of Tafesh.

img "class =" tinyimage wp-image-5d2b1a1967c7ac1cec5bb072 stretched-img "src =" "width =" 1080 "height = 1200 "/></p><p>The source close to Nesriine assured all his fans that the artist was fine and is now in Italy where he resides there.</p><p>He explained that the artist did not respond to this rumor because it was not the first goal, he was previously exposed to many rumors but was silent and preferred to stay away from these things in order not to disturb her, pointing out that she has used.</p><p>He pointed out that the artist would react at another time to spread these rumors against her if she was greeted in a media interview and asked a question about her.</p><p>The artist, however, responds indirectly to rumors when she publishes a collection of her photos through Inters to confirm that she has been listening to her trip to Italy, commenting on one of them: "With every new day, new ideas come to power."</p><p>As an expression of her indifference to what she published for her, the artist was writing through Twitter with a message of support and encouragement for the Algerian team participating in the African Nations Cup, especially since her mother is of Algerian origin.</p><p>After officially revealing that the death of Nisren Tafs is a malicious plot, her fans started a massive attack on the source that published the story and demanded that the page be closed immediately indicating that those who want to seek fame and attract followers, are not so provocative. Everyone and communicate with them everything that's new to them.</p><p><img alt=

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