Friday , August 19 2022

Neymar monitors his team of terraces .. and insults spill on him!


Brazilian star Neymar (27 years old) was subjected to a series of insults by his French fans at Paris Saint-Germain while he was in the stands at the Prince's Garden in the French capital, Paris, on Sunday during the game Saint-Germain against Olympic Nimes at the opening of the French Ligue 1 for the new season.

Neymar's departure from the Parisian giants has not been interrupted by speculation about his next move, from returning to his former club Barcelona or an abusive destination to rival Real Madrid.

According to the Spanish newspaper "AS", the latest developments in the "expected deal" is the announcement of Barcelona that he can return the player in the event of an exchange with others without paying a single euro while Real Madrid wore off that he wants to sign the player with an attractive deal includes He abandoned Luka Modric on Saint Germain and paid a huge sum of over 120 million euros.

Amid all the speculation, the scene seemed very tumultuous on earth, as evidenced by what happened at the Paris Saint-Germain Fortress on Sunday night as fans poured their anger on the Brazilian star while he was in the stands at Princess Park "To watch their team match,

Fans in many periods of the game offend and insult the most expensive player in the world, and also put up banners urging the player to leave, saying "Neymar .. leave."

German coach Thomas Tokel Neymar was not included in his squad for the first game of the season, which prompted him to watch the match from the stands, causing speculation about his departure from the French champions.

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