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Parliament announced the agenda of the Health Committee during the fifth session


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From the Echo Country Site, Thursday, August 1, 2019

Lawmaker Mohammed al-Shura, a member of Parliament's Health Committee, said there were draft laws that had not been finalized during the fourth parliamentary session, and the committee would end its deliberations during the session The meeting Fifth, after the adoption of the Egyptian Medicines Agency's law.

He noted MP Mohamed Shura, In special statements about the "echo of the country" that the bills are scheduled that The bill of the Nurses Association, aimed at increasing the efficiency of the pension fund, is to be finalized at the fifth session of Parliament And awards, In addition to the Natural Rejuvenation Bill, which will be re-discussed to be consistent with natural medicine.

He confirmed MP Mohamed Shura That the Parliament's Health Committee will discuss issues at provincial health units and public hospitals.

He was Ali Abdel-Aal, chairman of the House of Representatives, announced the adjournment of the fourth session, with the return on the first Thursday of next October, the beginning of the fifth session.

He stressed Mr Ali Abdul-Aal that in this role the Council has implemented the most important legislation reflecting the legal interest between groups and interests and conforming to constitutional rights, since the number of draft bills approved by the Council in this capacity is about 156 draft laws. , 1701) Member.

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