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Patrons of Arab countries use scouts in the process of victory


D. Misky: 60% of Arab worshipers cast Aqaba anthrax before dawn on the tenth day

Sixty percent of the fans of the National Foundation for the Arab Countries throw Aqaba's ashes before dawn on the tenth day after the facilitator's veil.

Dr. Shadi Misky, a member of the foundation's board of directors, confirms that 60% of the Arab Foundation's 380,000 worshipers hasten the expulsion from Arafat to Muzdalifa and then head to Mina after midnight to cast Jamra Aqaba before dawn. On the morning of the tenth, especially those who wish to spend the night at Muzdalifah and then come to Mina Sabah's tenth, which is in line with the prohibitions set by the Hajj Ministry this year, which start at four in the morning at ten in the morning. Id.

He noted that the Foundation continues to use Saudi intelligence by recruiting 600 drivers and mobile to distribute a guide to each (500) pilgrims to assist them in the process of winning the Jamarat Bridge.

He explained that the administration had hired guides familiar with all Mecca neighborhoods and subjected them to training courses and therefore to facilitate the worship process.

He added: "We emphasized that members of the field service registration staff must adhere to the registration schedules and not leave," noting that these tables took into account the wishes of two-thirds of Arab pilgrims according to their teachings.

Misky added: "We emphasized the need to fully comply with the plans of the Hajj and Umra Ministry when worshiping pilgrims to the Jamarat facility and returning to the camp along designated routes and will be in line with the schedules provided by the full tracking member."

The Foundation continued to focus on the awareness side in line with the recent providing of compelling justifications for tying the well-being table to ensure the safety of the worshiper, also used leaflets and short films that sensitized the fans, and held several workshops with the offices of the pilgrims for the sole purpose of ensuring the safety of the pilgrims. Allah the Holy One.

Misky came to the conclusion that the Jamarat Bridge has two teams, one field and the other statistically. Guidance and safety, identification of members and supervisors of registration, and the task of the statistical team is to collect registration data and submit it to the Ministry,

Misky concluded that the plans were being carefully implemented against the backdrop of the follow-up of Al Mutafaf Foundation chairman Abbas Abbat Kattan and his deputy professor, Dr. Mohammed Bayari Al Mutawaf, who are passionate about Hajji's safety and security.

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