Thursday , June 1 2023

Prices of local building materials to end trading Saturday, August 17th


Prices for local building materials, including iron, cement and gypsum, stabilized in markets with late trading on Saturday (August 17th).

The news portal monitors prices according to the latest wholesale prices traded on the Egyptian market.

Prices of reinforced concrete

The price of reinforced cement was 825 pounds per tonne. ,

The average price of Egyptian cement Bani Suef 835 pounds and obelisk cement 805 pounds, Suez cement won 808 pounds, and military cement Beni Suef 808 pounds, such as Torah cement and Heluan 820 pounds.

White cement

The average price of white cement is 2300 pounds, the price of white cement is 2450 pounds, Super Sinai is 2465 pounds, the royal custom is 2500 pounds per tonne, while the white oasis is 2445 pounds per tonne.

Cement mixed

The average cost of mixed cement was 720 pounds per tonne, palm cement was 720 pounds per tonne, Oasis Cement recorded 723 pounds per tonne, and savings cement was 723 pounds per tonne.

Resistant to cement

The average cost of salt resistant cement was 850 pounds per tonne and the Qaher al-Bahar cement was 878 pounds per tonne, Suez cement, "Water" was 840 pounds per tonne and Swedish sustainable cement was 853 pounds per tonne.

Gypsum prices

Gypsum prices have stabilized, with US gypsum recording 630 pounds per tonne, Gypsum International recording 680 pounds per tonne, while architectural gypsum recording 660 pounds per tonne and Egypt's Sinai gypsum 610 pounds per tonne.

Prices of iron

The price of Egyptian iron recorded 11 thousand and 800 pounds per tonne, while Ezz Steel recorded 11 thousand and 900 pounds, and the carrier iron 11 thousand and 850 pounds, and of Attia iron 11 thousand and 800 pounds.

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