Monday , October 3 2022

Raafat calls on the Arab countries not to accept the next US delegation


"Tomorrow's leadership focus will focus on the violations of the occupation and its crimes against the people of our people in Jerusalem and Gaza and the increase in the rate of expansion of the West Bank settlements, in addition to the rejection of the occupying government," he said. the CMO Executive Committee. His obligations in the agreements and treaties signed between the Palestinian and the Israeli countries. "

"The Palestinian side can not continue unilaterally to stick to these agreements," Raafat told the Voice of Palestine on Wednesday and urged the leadership to start implementing the decisions of the central and national councils by breaking all forms of relations with Israel, whether it is security or economy.

He urged the Arab countries to abide by the resolutions of the Arab summits, the most recent of which was the Mecca summit, which reaffirmed the rights of our people, rather than accepting the US delegation, which is preparing to pass the so-called "deal of the century "for violating the resolutions of the Arab meetings and meetings of the Arab Foreign Ministers. ,

Raafat stressed the need for the Arab countries to take a serious and practical stance against the American stance and Israeli measures against our people and to stop all forms of normalization with the occupation and commitment to the Arab peace initiative.

Concerning national reconciliation, Raafat stressed that efforts continue with the Egyptian side and continue the contacts with the Hamas movement from the Gaza Strip factions to put an end to the division, which is the main weakness used by Israel, and hoped to achieve the all agreements signed, the latest of which is the 2017 agreement.

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