Monday , September 26 2022

Radio Nur Camping strike Ain El-Helve continues the meeting of the Security Council in the South


The general strike and the closure of the Ayn-Hill camp continue to protest against the Labor Ministry's decision on the right of Palestinian workers and demand that the decision be lifted.

Southern Governor Mansour Doou will chair a Security Council meeting in the South with the participation of forensic, military and security leaders to discuss the security situation in Sidon and the camps in light of escalating Palestinian protests.

On the other hand, it is reported that the Joint Palestinian Labor Authority in Lebanon has set up a "Central Follow-up Committee" and five members of the Palestinian Liberation Front Political Bureau, Salah al-Youssef, Representative of the Israeli Jihad Movement in Lebanon , Ihsan Ataya, on behalf of the "Alliance of Palestinian Forces," the leader of the "Islamic Mujahideen Movement" Sheikh Jamal Hattab for the Islamic Forces, Deputy Secretary General of the Ansar Allah Movement, Maher Avid, Lebanon.

It is foreseen that the commission will hold its first meeting to draw up an action plan that reflects the political and popular movements in the camps.

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