Monday , October 3 2022

Samsung is recording nine Galaxy A phones scheduled for launch next year


The Korean giant in the European Union recently recorded intellectual property rights for 9 of its Galaxy A smartphones, scheduled for launch next year.

Samsung introduced the distinctive Galaxy A series of phones in 2019, the Galaxy A this year with new designs and specifications that will be unveiled for the first time by Samsung in their smartphones.

Samsung is registering the trademark rights for 9 Galaxy A. phones to be released next year. Next year's releases are the Galaxy A11, A21, A31, A41, A51, A61, A71, A81 and A91.

Samsung is expected to be the next HMD brand to be released next year. Samsung is also expected to offer the same titles for the Galaxy M series, with the Galaxy M11, M12, M31 and M41 coming next year.


The Galaxy A and Galaxy M series and its promotions came with distinctive design and performance this year to change the traditional design of Samsung's mid-range phones. Samsung is also expected to offer premium versions in 2020.




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