Friday , August 19 2022

Saudi health warns pilgrims to stay out in the sun like Tashrek's days


In the early days of Tashrek, the Saudi Ministry of Health called on Diof Rahman to follow a number of eye safety guidelines during Hajj rituals to avoid sunbathing, especially in patients with allergic infections or those with spring ophthalmia.,

She urged fans to wear sunglasses during the day to keep their eyes open, noting that inflammatory conjunctival eye allergies are common during the pilgrim season due to frequent exposure of the eyes to dust and sunlight.,

She noted that conjunctivitis symptoms are strong tears, redness and itching and that the most important prevention methods are to use cold water to wash your face and eyes and stay away from sunlight using sunglasses, and when you are infected, you should consult with the health center to describe special drops, including: Eye moisturizers, anti-allergic drops depending on the severity of the sensitivity,

Health explained that one of the diseases that can be exposed to a fan is bacterial conjunctivitis due to exposure of the eye to strong dust or the use of other,

With regard to diabetics, Health said they should examine the retina before going to Hajj with a focus on taking sugary medicines and following a proper diet and maintaining blood glucose control, while patients with glaucoma hypertension should use their medicines on time,

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