Saturday , September 18 2021

Shaima Al-Eidi's insistence on fighting cancer surprised everyone … Listen to his influential words

With words of determination and determination, young Shaima El-Eidi talked about the steps she took after the doctor told her that there was no progress in the new treatment for cancer.

He stressed in a live broadcast that when the Judge told him that a new treatment would affect the heart and heirs, he would not sit in a corner and wait for his death, but look for natural alternatives through a diet to help, suggesting that if unfavorable treatments proper food might be useful in delay the symptoms of cancer.

An incident that took place at the hospital caused psychological distress and people talking about the death of patients with cancer, noting that it was important to pay attention to these points during the treatment of malignant diseases.

The young woman also took part in a new conversation with her and talked about her diary with cancer. He asks everyone to keep smiling, saying, "Smile, God has given you a new day in life." This is what the followers have responded to and asked him to maintain the insistence of his life and bear all the difficulties of treatment to survive malignant diseases. .

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