Thursday , October 28 2021

Song word sync appears in the Apple Music app for Android before iOS


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Fatima Ait Taleb – Dubai – Apple is today updating the Apple Music app on the Android platform to add two new features.

The app already has Dark Mode night mode, which uses a black background throughout the application, which stands in stark contrast to the bright white main interface of the app. Night mode Dark mode can be permanently activated from the settings or set to work with your phone's battery saving feature.

The new update also provides word sync with the song, a feature that syncs words with the song. In addition, the song lyrics screen has now been completely redesigned to include large text covering the entire screen.


If you are familiar with these features, it is because they were announced as part of the iOS 13 system that Apple announced at its annual WWDC 2019 developer conference last June. Both features are shown on stage and will be released to Apple Music users on iOS devices with the iOS 13 update, which will be released later this year. In some ways, Apple decided to introduce these new features first to Android users instead of iOS users, which is unusual for Apple. These new features are beginning to appear for at least some Android users and will likely be visible to other users in the coming days and weeks.


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