Monday , October 3 2022

Soon … Regulatory body for the pharmaceutical sector


The Committee on Public Health and Social Affairs held a meeting under the chairmanship of MEP Assam Aradji in the presence of MEPs: Ezzat El-Din, Fadi Alamma, Mario Aun, Alexander Matsusian, Pierre Bois Aisi, Mohammed El-Gerbavi.

After the meeting, MEP Tag said: "Today we would like to talk after the Health Committee's sessions on drug policy and the bloc for the development of three proposals for a while and we started discussing them today, one of which is related to the revival of the medical service by changing his duties. Develop it and set up a regulatory body on this issue. "

He added: "The second question is about taking drugs and stimulating Green's use, because today it is still more on the continent and this increases the health costs of the drug, and at the same time it is subject to exceptional drug imports within the the health security system that the state provides to medicine, and why the drug's loss from the affected ones, if so, the meeting was in this context.

"The Lebanon Drug Bill is one of the most expensive bills in the region, and our goal and what we are trying to do is to organize this sector, for example 5350 registered medicines, and that is a large number, and we also have 5 000 food supplements, "said Aragi. Almost the size of the drugs. "

"We do not have a central lab, so there has been a thorough discussion of the bill proposed by the Deputies of the Development and Liberation Bloc, regardless of the names that will be called either the National Bureau or the governing body of the pharmaceutical sector.25 We have developed the common a framework that must be a regulatory body and at the same time interfere with the entire A to Z file, then we know how the drug reduces the price of that drug or that.

Saad said, "We have filed as a block to cancel the single recipe as part of Lebanon's medical regulation, and since there is more than one proposal, we have decided to go in a wider range, ie go to regulator as all countries There is no regulator in the Middle East.

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