Tuesday , August 16 2022

That's what three presidents say to a gold record


The ceremony of the Lebanese army at the Shukri Ganem barracks in Fayadi ended after greeting and throwing its graduates hats in the air.

After making the commemorative photographs, the President of the Republic signed the Gold Record of the Military College without the following words: "When completing a new batch of officers, wear the sword of their homeland and nation on Army Day, where dignity is most valuable in our patriotism, congratulations to the officers who graduated from the Diamond of Independence anniversary, bring them the torch of honor, sacrifice and loyalty. "

He added: "May the values ​​they defend, the constitution of Lebanon and the cause of pride, lead Lebanon to the aspirations of its people and to the aspirations of our youth."

Nabih Berry, chairman of the House of Representatives, also said: "The army is a cedar tree and its people are leaves, and its borders are branches that have become Lebanon."

Prime Minister Saad Hariri wrote: "Congratulations to you and us, from the fever of liberty and the dignity of dignity, on those who embody the highest signs of self-sacrifice in his institution … Glory to you and to your steadfastness and steadfastness and steadfastness.

Defense Minister Elias Busaab made the following statement on the record: "On Mubarak Day, you are moving with pride and pride in the battlefield and sacrifice. You also reaffirm your commitment and commitment to protecting our dear Lebanon homeland, a symbol of diversity and individuality. the Armed Forces and the holder of the Constitutional Secretariat. "

Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil Fadun said in the record: "Our army is a combination of a strong fist and a big heart. Its uniqueness is a star in times of war and a united incubator in peacetime."

"It is no coincidence that Army Day is the same day as the tradition of third-year officer swords at the military academy, and graduation day is a new course in the ongoing operation of the military establishment."

He added: "Choosing 2019 as the Diamond Jubilee for Independence is a sign of commitment to defending Lebanon's sovereignty and independence.

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