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The Arabian homeland is a watchdog shield for Palestine. Video


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Abu Rudineva: The Arab country is a shield of protection. Video, Thursday, July 18, 2019 07: 03 t

Palestinian Deputy Prime Minister and Information Minister Nabil Abu Rudiena said the Arab nation is a defender of the Palestinian state, stressing that the Arab world is united by American culture and its beliefs about the implementation of the deal for centuries.

He noted that Abu Rudeyna during a TV interview with the media Mustafa Bakri in the "facts and secrets" program broadcast on the Sadi al-Balad channel that Egypt, Saudi Arabia have a significant role to play in supporting the Palestinian cause, pointing out that the position of the Arab countries is confirmed As regards the stability of the Arab world and the Palestinian people.

He continued that the US administration believes it could manage many of the funds, stressing that the political process is hampering the peace process in the region and the Arab world.

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