Wednesday , September 28 2022

The arrest of a famous player … caught him with the crime of endeavor!


Former French football star David Trezege was arrested by Italian police after being found drunk in the northern part of the country.

The Italian newspaper La Repubblica reported that Trezegge returned from the Montfort Dalpas region to Turin after former Argentine counterpart Mauro Camorazzi met with Juventus at the wine tasting festival.

Driving the car at night, police stopped Trezege's car, which looked drunk and treated inappropriately with security personnel, the newspaper reported.

41-year-old Trezege refuses to test himself for alcohol, a police procedure in such cases, and speaks strongly to the officers, but after some time his agent manages to persuade him to take the test, revealing much more abuses than was allowed on driving time.

Police have withdrew the World Cup crown, but may face heavy punishment for their police abuse.

Sky News

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