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The budget of 2019 reveals reservations … and Hezbollah's "participation"!


The budget dossier for 2019 was closed, and President Saad Hariri failed to protect everything in the government project. It has reached the point where everyone is supposed to be involved in corruption, not alone. On the other hand, Hezbollah took a new step in its march to the Lebanese interior, and the main participants began to show the budget in its final form. That is why he expressed his satisfaction with the results achieved, voting for approval, for the first time in his history!

President Nabil Berri did not want to leave the House of Representatives yesterday before the vote on the budget. 6 hours spent by MEPs in the 99-point discussion ended with a vote of 83 MEPs with a budget and 17 against while abstaining from a vote of MP Michel Dahir. This result recorded a historic precedent presented by Hezbollah's vote for the first time, after joining parliament, approving the budget. Previously, he abstained, but this time he found it possible to deal with him positively. His support came in the light of his contribution to the amendment of most clauses, whether in the government or the finance committee. This is a sign of Hezbollah's greater involvement in the interior as well as the development of its role and the extent of its involvement in power, which coincides with the development of the prudential role of the House of Representatives through the Finance and Budget Committee and the success to push its rhythm on a number of issues that will govern the course of budget preparation for 2020.

Only the "forces" remained confused, they decided, they lost power and did not win opposition. It was almost missing yesterday, despite the shy positions of vice-presidents George Avan and George Akis. Since it was the only one of the government blocks that screamed outside the squadron, and the vote of all its members against the budget.

Most importantly, yesterday's meeting was an opportunity for the Lebanese to make sure that what was said about the political reserves was not slogans or political intrigues. Reality is recognized by the prime minister himself or by emotion or rejection. Since he failed to strengthen his reserves from the "money-assault" of the Monetary Committee, he spends the time before being satisfied with Berry in the short break that the Council has taken to refrain from talking. Even when Berry asked him for one of the articles (the discharge of ambulances from registration fees), his answer was: "I do not have an opinion."

But before that, his view was clear that he refused to hurt his reservations, notably the Development and Reconstruction Council and Ojiro, and partly the Commission for Aid. This refusal forced him to use a language he had not given before, feeling that he was targeting the free patriotic movement.

The government project received credits in favor of the Council for Development and Reconstruction of £ 175 billion, which was reduced by the Finance Committee to € 50 billion. First, Hariri called for an increase of up to 100 billion, funny of 75 billion, but it did not like it much. The amount was reduced because it represents the Lebanese contribution to projects funded externally at zero, as indicated in the project. Therefore, as the projects would not go without loans, it was obvious for the Finance Committee to reduce the contribution. This logic does not convince Hariri because it means "freezing the work of the Council, which has to keep the funds in the package to the necessary funds, if the credit is approved and approved by the House of Representatives, we will not be able to sign it". The second argument is the approval of $ 3.2 billion (out of Cedar) loans that the government can not sign because of the lack of internal funding.

The support front was shy in the future and was almost confined to MP Mohammed al-Hadjar, with limited voices coming from here and there. At this meeting, it was clear that the future loss of her MPs, such as Ahmed Fatfat, Nihad al-Mashnuk and Fuad Siniora, would be lost. Minister Salim Jissati supported Hariri more than once, standing in the face of members of his bloc, especially MP Ibrahim Canaan. Then the proposals continued to vary from retention of the 50 billion pounds or the meeting of Hariri's request to increase to 100 billion pounds and call for another division to split the gap by half. Hassan Fadlla, after saying "is not sweet about our right to open a bazaar," talks about the dilemma not to provide the Development Council with any research or details explaining the reason for his request for that amount.

With the continuation of the debate, MP Jamil al-Qayed called for the money to be transferred to the council when the loans came instead of being retained today, and MP Ibrahim Canan agreed with the proposal. But Hariri was not happy with everything that happened in the council. Nothing remains to be done except to show the red eye. I told deputies, "Shilo all the materials," before Berri finished the debate, raising the amount to 75 billion pounds.

That was only the beginning – when Ogero's budget cuts by the committee were increased by $ 14 billion, the tension began to appear to Hariri once again trapped. He stood up. He took the debate in politics, refusing to touch Ojiro. He said literally: "You have to answer Ogero, that's unacceptable." Before adding: "Who hires, all Dahsto parties".

Kanaan explained that this is the difference between 2018 and 2019, while it is assumed that wage costs have not risen. As MP Jihad Samad said the difference did not appear in the Ogero budget. After receiving a response, Berry tried to accept the amendment of the Finance Committee "and if we need to increase the money, we increase the reserve." "If we can accept a recommendation, we will have 10,000 employees on the spot (the number of employees the Monetary Committee reported to the accountancy office because they were hired after the blockade decision)," he said.

Following Hariri's challenge and his difficulty on behalf of Berry, it was agreed to keep the 14 billion dollars in Ogero's budget after being said to have presented a report proving that the money is the differences and compensation of former employees, which is not the salary of new employees, this year's push of the Fiber Op Programming Law.

In the legal material, Hariri has also succeeded in recovering part of what he has lost. Article 7 was reintroduced, as was the case with the government project, and rejected the proposed amendment by the commission to subordinate loans to the Public Accountancy Act, Hariri undertook a fierce campaign to eradicate it as it helped to hinder access to credit.

Many MPs did not have a similar position. Some of them, especially MEPs Hassan Fadlala and George Akis, have confirmed that this is a reformist article that increases transparency. Hariri rose again. "If you want to talk about corruption, it's here in deals and auctions, not in loans coming from abroad," he said. The prime minister said without hesitation before criticizing the "loss of a compass by striving to control the terms and conditions of foreign loans instead of dealing with internal corruption in our institutions."

This time. Hariri was not alone. He was supported by the Socialist Party, which he did more than once when the harmony between the two parties seemed complete and Minister Vael Abu Fawur warned against forcing the political party without responsibility for the reform, hoping there would be no political goal.

Despite Canaan's refusal to speak of any direction, and despite the efforts of Minister Ali Hassal Khalil to point out that the difference between the articles is not great, but Hariri was categorical with the words 'what to go', the article was returned in its original form and followed by followed by censorship.

Gasoline is released … and a generator tax

The Chamber of Deputies approved all tax reliefs, as well as members who refer to pensioners and employees, without any changes, and not the objections expressed by the protestors at "Martyrs" Square. While the entire area around Star Square is a military barracks reinforced with barbed wire and hundreds of soldiers, MP Paula Jakubian tried to inform the Council what is happening abroad, but pointed out that pensioners were trying to enter the Council instead of stating , that they want to overcome the cordons imposed on them, Berry responded only with emotion: "What led to the council, but to God's will."

With regard to the import tax on goods, the Financial Committee decided to cancel its original text, which imposed a 2% tax on all imports, provided that the government submitted an alternative proposal. Value added to imports is 3% (over 3 years), but Hezbollah insists on exclusion of benzene from this proposal. Hariri finally agreed, after the figures showed that the gas tax was $ 36 million. The Industry Council of the Council, with the support of Industry Minister Wael Abu Faour, also provides for the exclusion of industrial raw materials and industrial machinery. It should be noted that a proposal tabled by MEP Jasin Jaber outside the draft budget provides tax capacities for private generators of £ 50,000 per year for each KAU without imposing additional burdens on the participants,

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