Wednesday , September 28 2022

The death of Bab al Harama Rama Shahin en route to Beirut


Syrian actress Rama Shahin died of an 18-year-old boy after a horrific car accident on the way to Beirut with a group of friends. She was taken to a hospital in Damascus for treatment, but died immediately.

"With more sadness and grief, the family of actress Rama Shaheen and the general of the Shaheen family in Syria and the countries of Europe pay tribute to their dear daughter, who died after a painful accident last Monday when she and her friends went on a summer vacation in Beirut. Eighteen years after her transfer to Damascus Hospital, she remained in a coma for several days as a result of the injury she suffered today.

As well as the family of actress Rama from her entire audience does not respond to any of the pages that present themselves for her name, and inform him, because his purpose is to distort what left our artist a beautiful image in the minds of the followers .

To the late artist of mercy and to us, you have patience and comfort.

The family of artist Rama Shaheen. "

It is worth mentioning that Rama recently appeared in the Bab Al Hara series.

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