Thursday , June 1 2023

The first image of Maggie Bugson after the operation … "Ma belbaklk, but joy"


Published actress David's gone Her account at Instagram provided a special photo of actress Maggie_Bogson from the hospital after being subjected to surgery yesterday.

She writes, "Maggie Bugson, we're all your uncle."

As soon as the news spread, a number of stars and artists wished the rapid restoration of Boa Goss, expressing their love and calling them good.

The star was killed Ellis Through her Twitter account: "I ask him to be safe and give me health for all your loved ones.

The writer and the writer write Tarek Sweed: "I ask you to ask, and from my heart, today each of you goes to pray for Maggie Bugson, and the energy of positive and love, and the energy of a candle … Maggie is strong and you will return stronger and more beautiful and we are all your boundaries and behavior. "

The actress was also scratched Rolla Hamada, Saying, "Praise to Allah, Glory to the Magi, our Lord, what leave you, my heart and my relationships with you."

In turn publish Music on behalf of Risc Photo of him with Bugeen and his wife, star Ward Al-Hal, through his Twitter account, accompanied by a desire for healing. He said:

"What he knows me is just magic … Maggie … what is your only joy … and what gives you only joy … you are looking for safety.

The actress writes Rolla Shamie: "All prayers are with you, God will make you peace."

Maggie Bugson underwent surgery, describing it as a source close to "minute." But the doctor who watched her treatment assured her family with her health and is currently in the intensive care unit because she has to stay under observation for a long time, and after leaving the hospital she must stay home for long.

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