Sunday , October 24 2021

The military needed an always closed resolution, and François El-Hajj was killed so as not to become an army commander


"After the 1967 war, there was a different Palestinian presence in Lebanese territory," said Shamil Roquez, a strong member of the Lebanese bloc. "There have been Israeli attacks and the Lebanese army is facing them, causing casualties. The army faith on his land is not permitted to face Israeli attacks," noted that "the Israeli invasion led to the withdrawal of troops from southern Lebanon, who had no weapons, tanks, artillery and flights "

He explained in a television interview, about the problem of the dawn battle in the south, that "the East Sidon region was occupied by" armed militias "and the people in the area left and I participated in the battle, which lasted 48 hours after armed groups returned to camps, and people returning to their land. "Militias are a way to attack state institutions, and Lebanese soldiers pay dearly after the Lebanese war to restore state authority over all Lebanese territory."

"The blood of martyrs will not be in vain, and this battle is difficult and changeable in Lebanese history," he said, stressing that "those responsible for fighting must be punished quickly and participate in the killing of members of the army." "They have to pay dearly," asserting that "there is no such thing as a general amnesty or amnesty in this context."

He also stressed that "there are many question marks about how to escape Shaker Abssi's night decision to arrest him. I do not believe that Abssi could suddenly disappear," stressing that "he must link the murder. Director of Operations at the Lebanese Army Command, Major General Francois El-Hajj What happened in Nahr al-Bared, to find out the reason for the murder. After the battle, was the only person nominated as an army commander, he was a witness to what happened before Nahr al-Bared during the battle, and knew many things, "noting that" it is not easy to let someone like a decision and values ​​pilgrims , "He said.

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